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The user interface for the MSYS245 has been ergonomically designed for ease of use, with an intuitive interface having all controls in full view for the user.

The system has three main controls for basic operation:

Output power set – increments and decrements in 5W steps.

Reflection power trip set – if a treatment requires the microwave power to be disabled when a certain reflected power level is detected, this function will allow that trip value to be set. This function increments and decrements in 1W steps.

Timer set The time can be set up to a maximum of 99 minutes. When the microwave power is enabled via an external footswitch, the timer function will decrement in 1 second steps and disable the microwave power when the timer reaches zero.

All information is displayed on a high contrast white LED display during set mode.

The system also has two function buttons:

[SWEPT] – when used in standalone mode, this mode allows an improved accuracy measurement of real-time reflected power to be made and displayed.