Company News: Emblation Files Patent Covering Microwave Power Monitoring

Emblation recently announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted a Notice of Allowance for U.S. Patent Application No. 13/509,835, with claims that cover methods for measuring forward and reflected power in medical and industrial microwave applications.

us-patent-and-trademark-office-sealCEO Gary Beale stated, “once issued, this patent represents a significant step forward for safety in microwave ablation devices.

Emblation is proud to be at the forefront of what is a rapidly growing field of medicine, and the further implementation of this technology will allow for fundamentally safer procedures and the potential for more effective treatments.”

One of the challenges facing product designers in the field of microwave ablation is how to accommodate the measurement of varying impedance and phase where using standard components that are generally calibrated for typical industrial applications, where the impedance match is fixed.

In medical microwave systems the measurement of forward and reflected power is often used as a safety mechanism to monitor treatments, detect and react to device failures, connection issues and potential misuse. Any inaccuracy in these measurements has the potential to result in either insufficient power being delivered – resulting in poor treatments and a perception of unreliability, or excessive power being administered – potentially causing serious patient injury.

This new patent covers a method of measurement that operates independent of load conditions – thereby ensuring a stable and regulated output power and a true measurement of forward and reflected power.