In The Media: Emblation’s MSYS245 Microwave Generator Featured in Leading Microwaves & RF Magazine

microwaves & rfEmblation’s MSYS245 has been featured in the ‘Microwave Energy: Making Medical Advances’ issue of Microwaves & RF, released November 2016.

The article titled ‘Microwave Energy Aims to Improve health’ highlights how microwave technology has made a substantial impact within the medical industry.  Technical Contributor Jack Bowne explains how the success of this technology, primarily within oncology, has spurred the requirement for compact, high powered microwave generators, such as Emblation’s MSYS245 generator. Continue reading

In the Media: Product Feature in Microwave Journal

Microwave Journal published a three page product feature of the ISYS245 microwave generator and amplifier system.


The product feature highlights the ISYS245 industrial system’s key differentiation from existing systems on the market including the ease of use interface and implementation of novel technologies (patents pending) to allow superior reflection measurements to be made.

Read the article here.