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Microwave technology offers countless applications, but is faced by the challenges of a wide and varied market. Buyers often have a number of important questions:

Our executive team has developed, designed and manufactured market leading microwave products across a wide range of applications. The team has led market-driven solutions through the complete product lifecycle, with expertise in medical, commercial, military, communication and research markets.

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Medical Product Knowledge

With first-hand experience and global expertise to draw from, Emblation can offer guidance through the various options available – from simple design modifications, to comprehensive development changes. We can also offer advice and recommendations regarding different frequency choices, regulatory submissions, applicator/antenna design and talk you through the fundamental advantages and disadvantages of choosing microwaves over other energy modalities.

We have over 40 years combined design and development experience, available to you from the start.

Industrial Experience

Microwave technology is a fast growing field, with industrial applications ranging from scientific research to innovative communication solutions. More industries are seeking ‘green’ power sources, and greater productivity is a major driver of change.

We can offer guidance on applications, process set up, frequency choice and any accessories necessary to ensure you have a robust capability to deliver results.