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Emblation’s new USB module is a valuable addition to the ISYS245 - ideal for industrial or scientific users, requiring data management capabilities and the ability to set automated tests.

Capturing data is critically important for many microwave applications. For users who require full front panel control and the ability to automatically capture and store data, an external USB module has been developed as an accessory to the ISYS245. This accessory is also useful for users who need the flexibility to operate in challenging environments.

With the Emblation USB module you can achieve real time control through our simple software platform, allowing you to capture data quickly and effectively for detailed analysis and offering you far greater flexibility.

  • Real time reflected power measurement
  • Real time forward power measurement
  • Real time temperature & system status
  • Capture, store and manage data
  • Automate tests and measurements
  • Simple to use
  • Simple Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Emblation USB module