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Flexible, practical and cost effective microwave power sources are now available for the RF & Microwave communications industry. With microwave power sources available at 915MHz, 2.45GHz, 5.8GHz and 8GHz Emblation is well placed to supply microwave generators to meet the needs of test engineers globally.

Some possible communications applications include:

At 2.45GHz

At 5.8GHz

Any Frequency

Ultra Compact Design

There is a growing requirement for compact turnkey equipment in laboratory environments. Standard microwave test systems are cumbersome, require setup, and take up vital space. Some microwave power sources can weigh up to 100kgs, making it is impractical to move these systems post-installation.

All of Emblation’s microwave systems are compact, lightweight and portable – about the size of an A4 ream of paper, and not much heavier. The portable nature of Emblation equipment offers greater flexibility – microwave systems can be easily deployed or transported from lab to lab and shared between multiple applications.

Turnkey solution

Emblation’s industrial systems, the ISYS245 and the ISYSconnect, are both turnkey solutions – ready for fast and simple integration into your existing test set up. We also offer full customization and our team are perfectly placed to assist in all areas of development – giving you the flexibility to measure or test exactly what you need.

ISYS245 Microwave Generator

The ISYS245 is our comprehensive solution for customers in the RF & Microwave communications industry. The ISYS245 is fully controllable from the external interface with output power set in 5W steps, but we also offer the option to add a USB module as an accessory – giving you access to both manual control and a graphical user interface (GUI). The USB module also gives you the ability to capture and store data, with quick and easy export to csv.

ISYSconnect USB controlled Microwave Generator

The ISYSconnect is Emblation’s entry level system, with all the functionality of the ISYS245 minus the front control panel. The ISYSconnect is fully USB controlled and comes with software free of charge, allowing the user complete control from a simple GUI. Users can automate tests, store data for detailed analysis and benefit from real time power and temperature measurements.

Both the ISYS245 and the ISYSconnect use the latest technology and a unique cooling system to produce a highly efficient 2.45GHz system, capable of generating variable power in excess of 100W utilising Emblation’s safesweep® reflection measurement capability and temperature stability.

Amplifier Mode

All Emblation generators also feature the option to operate in microwave amplifier mode to use your existing communication signals or protocols to provide increased flexibility in your test setup.