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Numerous advantages afforded by using microwave-induced plasmas have led to extensive research around the globe. From medical and chemistry research to industrial coating, bonding and material processing, researchers and developers need reliable, flexible and cost effective microwave generators to ensure results.

Higher Plasma Density

Our microwave power sources are all solid state systems, with solutions at a number of frequencies. The ISYS245 and ISYSconnect both operate at 2.45GHz and are capable of producing power in excess of 100W. Power can be varied in 5W increments from 0-110W using pulse width modulation (PWM) techniques to maintain the output power within 5% of the set value. This stability is crucial for high quality plasma research and application. Research suggests that the use of PWM generates considerably denser plasma allowing steady state operation without destroying the discharge tube electrodes, but with much lower power consumption and reduced heating of the antenna structure.

Microwave Plasmas

Microwave plasmas find applications in a range of physicochemical processes, particularly in the preparation of high-value materials. In plasma-enhanced CVD, for example, the use of plasma assists the chemical reaction process by providing alternative, low temperature, reaction pathways, thereby allowing the formation of thermally labile products. Other applications include nanoparticle preparation, vapour pyrolysis and aerosol plasma pyrolysis.

Emblation Microwave Systems

All of our systems are compact, lightweight and portable – about the size of an A4 ream of paper, and not much heavier. The portable nature of Emblation equipment offers greater flexibility – microwave systems can be easily deployed or transported from lab to lab and shared between multiple applications.

Both the ISYS245 and the ISYSconnect are turnkey solutions – ready for fast and simple integration into your existing test set up. We also offer full customization and our team are perfectly placed to assist in all areas of development – giving you the flexibility to measure or test exactly what you need.