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Technology that fits:
Providing the link between customer need and product realization

Emblation offers turnkey solutions for a range of markets, but often there will be some level of customization necessary. Working hand in hand with the customer to produce a unique solution is our strength.Working with the latest technologies, Emblation offers innovative thinking grounded in experience.

Custom System Design

Emblation can offer full hardware customisation for every customer. To find out more about custom system design contact us today.

Software - custom packages

Software driven control allows users to capture data, automate tests and work remotely – leading to increased productivity and fewer constraints. Both the ISYSconnect and the USB module are supplied with a Labview VI and also a standalone executable file should you wish the standard ISYS245 interface view. We can customize software to your specific requirements, and work with you to create a solution that will give you results. To find out more about our custom software packages contact us today.

Frequency choice

Frequency choice is an important consideration – different frequencies can provide vastly different results. Sometimes less common frequencies can in fact be a better match for certain applications, and our team is perfectly placed to guide you in your choice. Our microwave generators can be customized to offer you solutions at a number of different frequencies depending on application and power requirement. Typical frequencies include but not limited to:

For guidance and expert opinion on frequency choice, contact us today

Emblation's Design Philosophy

development diagram

Customer Need

Emblation Microwave is focused on identifying unique market opportunities in the industrial, scientific and medical sectors. The marketplace is continuously monitored throughout the product lifecycle to ensure that the voice of the customer is addressed.

Design Control

Emblation Microwave employs established design control procedures to ensure that the product is developed to comply with risk management, quality and regulatory requirements. All aspects of design including industrial design, human factors and reliability are incorporated in to the development process to ensure that the product meets the customer expectations.

Product Validation

Emblation Microwave plans the product validation from product conception. This regulatory strategy identifies the technical and clinical requirements that need to be met to ensure regulatory approval.


Emblation Microwave designs for manufacture using the latest process excellence techniques. This methodology from the initial stages of development enables the customer to benefit from a cost effective, reliable and quality product.

Sales & Marketing

Emblation Microwave use direct sales and distribution networks to maximise the market penetration of our products. Market surveillance activities ensure that our focus is firmly on the current and future needs of the customer.

Product Safety

Emblation Microwave implements industry standard risk management practices that continue throughout development, manufacturing, product release and market surveillance. This risk based approach ensures that correct processes and procedures are used to provide the customer with a safe and effective product.

Quality & Regulatory

Emblation Microwave is dedicated to implementing and continually improving our quality management system. The quality management system challenges all processes to ensure our products are delivered to the customer and always meet the highest regulatory standards.